LBSCR Model Railways
Brighton Road
Photo gallery 2
All photos on this page by David Brandreth

Left - I3 on the high level lines with a train of Billinton 54’ stock, and the low-level signal cabin.

Right - the low level goods yard.

Left - the goods yard and coal staithes.

Right - a view showing the goods yard (left), the marshalling yard (centre distance) and the timber yard (right).

Left - the brewery siding, with Manning Wardle ‘Titan’ propelling a wagon load of empty barrels into the brewery on the right.

Right - the entrance to the goods yard, with the tram lines on Brighton Road.

Left - the high level (passenger) line signal cabin.

Right - goods yard and goods shed.

Left - D3 ex ‘Billingshurst’ heads a train of 6-wheelers across the high-level bridge.

Right - I3 no 22 heads towards the coast under the high-level signal cabin.

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Brighton Road Gallery 1
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