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Track and signals.
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For slide chairs on Brighton Road we used C&L plastic ones, but these have two drawbacks - firstly the stock rails are not fixed very firmly along their length over the slide chairs which can give problems with gauge tolerance, and secondly plastic chairs are a bit vulnerable to heat damage when soldering in the tie bars, or repairing them. For Plumpton I have used a few of Bill Bedford's brass slide chairs, either side of the tie-bar, and at intervals of every third or forth sleeper. Hopefully this will overcome any problems. The two photos show, on the left, part of the etch, and three sleepers showing how the etches solder over rivets, and on the right, the sleepers in place on a turnout.

If I had discovered these a little earlier in the process, I would have used them under crossing V’s  and check rails, in place of my glued efforts.

Finally we have all the boards completed - rails soldered in place, functional and cosmetic chairs glued in, and slide chairs fitted. The final stage before laying the track is to add the tie bars, and paint the sides of all the rails.

Once the base-boards have been built, and track-laying has started, I’ll add a few more thoughts on this next stage in the process.