LBSCR Model Railways
Plumpton Green
Photo gallery 5 - nearing completion - March 2014
A selection of photos taken as the layout nears completion (but still a lot of detailing required).

Left - E1 no 100 leaving Lewes in charge of a goods train, heading for Keymer Junction and Willow Walk.

Right - the layout from the London end - complete and functional, but lacking detail.

Left - E1 no 100 shunting the goods yard.

Right - an overall view from the Lewes end.

Left - D1 ‘Rottingdean’ arrives with the down stopping train for Lewes.

Right - the crossing gates and the signal cabin

Left - another view from the east.

Right - E4 no 566 heads a goods train towards London.
Plumpton Green.
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