LBSCR Model Railways
A selection of photos from the Uckfield 2014 show, taken by Adrian Colenutt.

Left - a general view of the complete layout - signalman at the front, and drivers-fiddle yard operators at the back of the layout.

Right - a few details of the platform, including the footbridge, a Churchward models kit.

Left - D3 ‘Victoria’ in Stroudley’s passenger livery pulls into Plumpton from Lewes. The signal box on the platform has now been replaced with a ‘correct’ model of the real thing (the original box downgraded to a lamp-room in 1891).

Right - a heavily weathered, scratchbuilt E1 ‘Strasbourg’, in Stroudley’s goods green livery, with a (working) ground signal to the left.

Left - the ground-frame for operating the yard throat, with the yard shunter’s office in the background. Just the point-rodding to be added............

Right - another E1, this time in the later Billinton lined black goods livery, approaching the boarded foot crossing.

Left - ‘Victoria’ again, heading for London, passing the ‘new’ 1891 signal cabin, and the crossing gates.

Right - and again, awaiting the up platform starter.

Left - the signal cabin and crossing gates - due to be replaced and mechanised during 2016.

Right - the two-coach motor train, with 0-4-2 D1 in the middle, en-route from Horsted Keynes to Seaford via Haywards Heath and Plumpton.

Left - a close-up of scratch-built D1 no 239.

Right - E1 (formerly ‘Calvados’) passing the signal box, heading for Lewes.

Left - E1 ‘Strasbourg’ preparing to shunt the yard.

Right - scratchbuilt Manning-Wardle bringing goods into Plumpton from the brickworks.

Plumpton Green
Photo gallery 6 - Uckfield MRS October 2014
Plumpton Green.
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